Vasectomy as an excuse to watch March Madness

Game moved because field was littered with 1,000 toothpicks

Billy Packer paid psychic to find OJ's murder weapons

williams sisters' dad with 30-year-old wife
Williams sisters' stepmom is their age, shares same birthday

Judge bars sex-offender running back
from leaving state
for NFL tryout

Clemson football recruit pictured holding stack of new $20 bills

Ex-NFLer Zereoue cooking up a storm at his NYC bistro

Steinbrenner unknowingly funded Tonya Harding's hit on Nancy Kerrigan

Cowboys' Barber spends $17,000 at a bar

wood-chopping sisters
Sisters split time between pageants
and wood-chopping contests

Gators coach
Urban Meyer delivers
R-rated speech

Top 10 underrated athletes who have become overrated

Famous athletes
that went to jail

charles barkley goes to jail

titans' jeff fisher

Coaches and their cartoon counterparts

Another amazing basketball shot

Strange team photos

NFL star's home
for sale on eBay

LeBron launches
gas attack on
Cavaliers' bench

terrell owens cut by cowboys
15 reasons the Cowboys cut Terrell Owens

Squeaky pet toy
helped football player beat drug test

15 weirdest nicknames in sports history

saints cut running back day before wedding
Saints cut running back day before his wedding

MLB bans A-Fraud replica jerseys

Pancake eating champ dies on stage, crowd continues to celebrate after body is removed

Browns post bio
of player they haven't drafted yet

Serena Williams
beats Jimmy Fallon
in Beer Pong

How Michael Phelps' bong hit helped
the homeless

Field goal smacks
kid in the head

U. of Washington basketball player
gets revenge
on prank caller

Cole Slaw Wrestling
at Daytona's Bike Week

Son of Steelers great Franco Harris running for mayor of Pittsburgh

zamboni becomes tiki bar
Zamboni turned
into tiki bar, offered
for sale on eBay

Ovechkin shows he can't sing or dance
in TV commercial

drew gooden ugly beard
When bad beards happen to good athletes

Porn star claims she slept with Rays star, says he was immature

Baseball steroid
parody song

5 common swimming myths exposed

N.C. might ban sports
at high schools with poor academic ratings

The World Series
of Beer Pong

world wok racing championships
The World Wok Racing Championships

Owl to deliver rings
to soccer player's wedding

Brewers add dollar menu to concession stands

Dizzy Bowling,
another strange Japanese TV show

Dad ejected 30 seconds into fifth-grade
basketball game

shattered backboard costs team title shot
Shattered backboard costs high school team a shot at state title

Ballboy assists
on soccer goal
at Israel match

worst sports tattoos
Worst sports tattoos

Cubs outfielder special guest at a St. Louis
stripper party

jim edmonds stripper party

Royals reliever pays rookie for jersey number with $8,000 watch

best sports streakers
The greatest sports streakers of all time

This site is newer than
Allen Iverson's hairdo. Please bookmark it and watch us grow.

colonel sanders curse
Baseball team's "Curse of Colonel Sanders"

Soccer fan celebrates with simulated humping of TV reporter on air

NFL quarterback bounced from golf tournament
by 14-year-old

Clippers' Taylor
does amazing dunks
in warmups

cavalier packs 14 pairs of sunglasses
Cavs' Wright packs
14 pairs of sunglasses for road trips

Tennessee coach
Lane Kiffin tells lost recruit he will end up pumping gas

SNL's alien sportscaster

Soccer club asks fans
to cheer less

kournikova goes for world record
Kournikova strives
for spot in Guinness record book

Chris Paul dribbles through opponent's legs

Laettner, Pitino relive "The Shot" in ad

Strangest baseball injuries

Cheerleader might be next "Rudy" on Ohio State football team

Jaguars running back trains by running
pyramids in Egypt

Legislator wants state to jump when youth sports parents cry foul

Dad gives high school cheerleaders alcohol, pursuades them to dance on stripper pole

Michigan State coach
to shave his head

Lifetime Network actress is hockey goalie
Lifetime Network actress is high school hockey goalie

Brazilian media frenzy scares soccer star

College basketball player worked
as a stripper

tom brady buys rolls royce
Tom Brady shells out $405,000 for
Rolls-Royce Phantom

eat 2-foot, 6-pound burrito, get free rollercoaster rides

33-year-old's weird training regimen
to become college football kicker

Elderly man attacks another for hitting
his golf ball

tony romo and jessica simpson
Photos of the hottest sports couples

UTEP player is a model
UTEP basketball has
a "model" player

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